Drought Tolerant Instant Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo

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Characteristics: Soft broad leaf, with a luscious, rich emerald green colour. It is drought tolerant, low maintenance, highly resistant to most common insect pests including Black Beatle, and most turf diseases. It is also salt tolerant and pet resistant.

It has a fast creeping growth habit, which means it is self-repairing against any damage from daily wear and tear. Unlike other creeping grasses, Sir Walter's unique root system only travels across the top of the soil surface, not underneath it, which means it is less invasive and easier to manage.

This lateral growth habit also helps slow evaporation which means Sir Walter is able to survive on less water. This dense growth habit is not only responsible for reducing irrigation frequency, it also acts as a barrier to weeds. Consequently, Sir Walter is known as one of the most environmentally friendly grasses available, requiring less fertiliser and chemicals than other varieties.

Sir Walter thrives on heat, but will, unlike most other summer active grasses, still perform well in cool climates and lightly areas.

Details: As Australia's go anywhere, grow anywhere premium lawn turf, Sir Walter is the most versatile grass currently on the market.

The initial cost is a little higher than some other varieties of instant lawn, but the ongoing costs of watering and maintaining Sir Walter are a lot less than any other turf. The long-term durability of Sir Walter will also mean greater protection of your investment.

Sir Walter is a new generation soft leafed buffalo, which is protected under the Plant Breeder's Rights Act. To ensure the supply of Sir Walter is a consistently high standard, it can only be sold by licensed agents. All genuine Sir Walter turf will be sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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