Drinking Water Filters

We stock a range of drinking water filters suitable for town mains and tank water. Yes, even town water contains contaminants.

Among the contaminants that can be removed from the water are: sediment, taste, odour, chlorine, heavy metals, flouride, cysts and most bacteria.

Activated carbon filters are great for removing the chlorine taste & odour from town mains water as well as odours from contaminants in water tanks.

Filters can be supplied in many styles from basic single housing units to twin cartridge systems complete with their own tap as well as reverse osmosis and media filters..

The type of filter you choose depends on where your water comes from and how much purified water you need each day.

  • Undersink Filters


    Undersink mounted filters are available in kit form to provide filtered water to a kitchen tap.

    Many variants are available but a common system is a twin unit that filters sediment through it's primary cartridge and then removes taste and odour through a secondary carbon cartridge.

    For greater protection, other cartidges are available to remove bacteria, cysts and heavy metals from water.

  • Undersink Filters with UV


    All the benefits of a twin undersink unit but with the added protection of UV disinfection to kill harmful bacteria.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters


    The ultrafine membrane operates by rejecting impurities and flushing them out to drain. This effectively eliminates 98% of all dissolved impurities, heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria, cysts, fluoride & chloride, chlorine, taste, odour, and chemicals. Only pure, sparkling clear water from your own water supply is left for your health, safety and peace of mind.

    3 models to choose from:

    R090 (90 litres/day), R0130 (130 litres/day or )R0270 (270 litres/day)

  • Quicktwist Filters


    Puretec QT12 incorporates all the latest filtration technology in one system. The quick-twist cartridge can be changed without turning water supply off. Using premium grade carbon filtration, the QT12 reduces chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals, sediment and cysts, leaving all vital minerals. Enjoy water the way it should be, abundant, clear and beautiful tasting from your own water supply, any time of the day.

    The QT12 is ideal for ice machines, water coolers, refrigerators with ice-makers, inline drinking water kits, coffee/vending machines etc. Available with ΒΌ inch connections and optional quick connect fittings.

  • Customised Household Filters


    For special requirements and whole house applications we can custom design a filtration system to suit your needs.

    Contact us for a free quote or follow the link for more information.


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