Agricultural Irrigation

  • We specialise in irrigation for all types of agricultural crops from orchards and vineyards to vegetables, lucerne and pasture.

    The type of system used is very crop dependant and we specialise in the following types of irrigation:

    • Spray Irrigation
    • Drip Irrigation
    • Sub-Surface Drip
    • Hard Hose Irrigators
    • Stock & Domestic
    • Centre Pivots

  • Orchards


    Orchards are generally irrigated with microsprays or drippers.

    Microsprays provide coverage to a greater area which can allow grass to grow between rows for a cooling effect. In orchards, microsprays are mounted under each tree and distribute water around the root zone of the plant. Their low application rate prevents water wastage by reducing run-off. They have many uses, apart from irrigation, including; fertigation, frost control, heat control and fruit "colouring".

    Drippers are generally installed as inline drip tube and laid as a single lateral, or double for crops with higher water demands. Drippers confine the water to the active rootzone and can reduce water loss through wind drift and evapoeration.

    Both types of systems can be used to apply fertilizer to the crop.

  • Vineyards


    Grapevines are generally irrigated with inline drip tube. The tube is suspended, above ground,  on a wire. The flowrate of the dripper will be matched to the soil type and crop requirement.

    Fertilizer can be applied to the vines through the drippers.

  • Tomatoes


    We provide light walled drip tape for tomato and vegetable crops. The tape consists of a very thin walled tube with a low flow dripper at a set spacing.

    A properly designed system will have minimal pressure variation and therefore extremely high uniformity ensuring very even growth of the crop.

  • Lucerne / Pasture


    Lucerne, maize, pasture and other broadacre crops can be irrigated very efficiently using methods such as Centre Pivot Irrigators, Lateral Move Irrigators and Sub-surface Drip Irrigation.

    We supply and install electric Centre Pivots and Lateral Move irrigators. These are a very effective way to irrigate large areas easily. With modern control panels the irrigated area can be divided into different areas based on crop and soil type and irrigated accordingly.

    Sub-Surface drip irrigation is the most efficient way to irrigate crops such as lucerne. Medium walled, inline, driptube is laid below the surface at a set spacing. Water is applied directly to the rootzone of the crop.

    Fertilizer can be applied to crops through both Centre Pivots and Sub-Surface drip tube.

  • Impact Sprinklers


    Impact Sprays - Larger single jet sprinklers which use a "knocking" action to rotate.

    These sprinklers are generally mounted above ground on risers and cover areas of up to 28metres diameter. They range from small plastic sprinklers with a throw of 10 metres to commercial "Big Guns" constructed from aluminium, brass and other engineered plastics capable of throwing water up to 50metres.

    Impact sprinklers are ideal for large gardens, crops, frost control, leachate dispersal and dust suppression. The materials available mean that they can be suitable for all water qualities, including corrosive mining & waste leachate.

    Brass Impact Leachate Gun Big Gun


  • Stock & Domestic Water Supply


    We supply and install stock and domestic piping systems for farms.

    With everything from pumps, poly pipe and stock troughs we can set up a water supply system on any sized property.

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