Garden Sprinklers

Home garden/lawn (domestic) sprinklers are generally made up from 3 categories:


Each has a specific function and depending on the type and layout of your garden a combination of each can be used to achieve the most efficient sprinkler system.

Knowing which type of sprinkler to use requires an understanding of their performance along with the water rquirements of plants and soils.

To take the guesswork out of designing your system we can do it for you. All we need is a scale plan of your property and details of your water supply. For larger or more complex gardens we can arrange a site visit.



Generally used for lawn and turf areas, pop-up sprinklers are installed below ground and when pressurised they will extend up and water the area, retracting when they are not in use.

Pop-up sprinklers are ideal for all lawn and turf areas from home lawns to sports fields. The range includes:

Pop-Up Gear Drive

For areas over 9 metres including large lawns and sportsfields. Coverage is achieved by a single nozzle rotating around to a pre-set arc. Generally require higher pressure to perform at their best, they water very evenly and reduce the number of sprinklers needed to water an area. Low application rate prevents water wastage through run-off.

Pop-Up Rotator

For areas from 3 - 9 metres. With multiple streams that rotate during operation these are extremely low flow, meaning that more sprinklers can be used on each zone and chance of run-off is greatly reduced.. Extremely uniform coverage. Work well in windy conditions.

Pop-Up Spray

With coverage from 2 - 4.5metres these are ideal for smaller lawns and lawns with challenging curves and angles. Arc can be set anywhere from 0 - 360 degrees.




Small sprinklers with very soft spray. Generally used in gardens and for watering crops such as fruit trees and grape vines.

Microsprays are available in a static "fan" type spray as well as a rotating nozzle. The rotating nozzles perform better in windy conditions.

In gardens they are ideal because they provide total coverage of the area and their soft spray will not damage delicate flowers.




Very low flow outlets of 2 - 8 litres fixed flow per hour, or variable flow from 0-40 litres per hour. Ideal for gardens which require minimal water or fruit/vegetable crops.

Drippers can be purchased individually or as in-line drip tube.

In-line drip tube is used extensively garden beds and even for sub-surface lawn watering. Careful selection of dripper spacing and flowrate can result in precise application of water to the rootzone of the plants. The benefits of drip irrigation are; no water lost through wind drift, minimal loss to evaporation, water is placed exactly where it is needed. Fertilizer can be injected into the system to be applied directly to the rootzone by each dripper.

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